Thursday, April 22, 2004

My dad's going with my brother to help him apply for a driver's license earlier today and since my sister applied for a leave from her office to be able to tag along with them, my dad excused me from work and asked me to go along with them and make it a day out. So that's what we did, we made our way to the LTO and waited while my brother asked for the requirements for a replacement for his old license. Then it's off to the other LTO office to get some clearance. By then it was nearly lunch time and my sister was badgering our dad to go with us to Greenhills (she reasons that he needs to be there with us to pay for our lunch). Haha.

We ate at my favorite pizzeria, Yellow Cab, where being undecisive isn't as bad as it should be. That's because one can have a large pizza with four of their best toppings divided accordingly! HA! (thinking about makes me slobber all over again). After that hefty lunch we went inside Virra Mall and straight to the lair of the Video Pirates (beware their varied selection and benign smiles) where my sister exchanged some DVDs she recently bought from them and also updated her collection with more titles. The temptation to buy can be a bit too much so before I could succumb to their beguiling tricks I went out to check out the other stores. I saw my brother at the far end checking out the wares of another kind of pirate—the geeky ones selling mp3s and installers. Aiyah!

Before leaving Greenhills, we bought some worthwhile desserts from the now famous, Ice Monster (prounounced as "AYZ MONZTAH!" by the parched ones). Then through the tiangge (bargain stalls) to look for a belt. My brother must have left his in the soon-to-come balikbayan boxes, so there we were weaving in and out of the crowded maze-like pathways looking for that one leather belt. We found it some good minutes later. Since it was still early, we thought it would be a good idea to swing by the house and bring our mom with us to The Fort and check out the diners, the cafés, restaurants, and bars that make it such a hip and happening place. So we did and we first passed by the new Victory Christian Fellowship building right beside the International School (that VCF building's where one of my cousins hold office as one of the Pastors) before looking for the place where the reknowned Go Nuts Donut hold court. People have been raving about for the longest time and it's time to see for ourselves if those donuts live up to the hype. We lined up for around twenty minutes before we got to the counter and we waited for another fifteen before we got the donuts. The verdict? The good thing about it is its large size and not-too-sweet flavor but other than that, well, personally I don't see anything about it that deserves the rave reviews. Maybe I was expecting too much. Or what if there's nothing to expect? It's just one large donut. That's it. In the end let me just say that there's always a sucker like me born every minute. Psyche!

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