Friday, April 30, 2004

There's a big sale at SM Megamall that started today and traffic was predictably doubly horrible during rush hour. I think that's the point why my dad wanted us to leave two hours early to watch a movie. Or maybe it was all just a fluke accident. We arrived with less than an hour to go (that's how bad the traffic was) and ate dinner first before watching The Whole Ten Yards which sucked so much it felt like watching paint dry. The movie was totally devoid of humor inspite of the presence of them good comedy actors and of course, the hilarious first movie. I won't go into details just trust me on this one. When we came out, the whole place was still alive well past its supposed closing time. We checked out a couple of shops before moving downstairs to have coffee. After finishing the coffee and cinnamon rolls we went inside one last store and bought some goodies before going home. I'm thinking about going back again tomorrow to see the range of discounts available for the books and DVDs.

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