Friday, April 09, 2004

This being a Good Friday when Christians all over the world traditionally observe the sacrifice of Jesus some 2000 years ago I thought it would be a good idea to post some links providing a backgrounder regarding the travesty of justice over Jesus' trial, the severity of His execution, and undeniable facts surrounding His resurrection, as opposed to what other people think. Happy reading everyone!

Websites discussing the illegalities and technicalities of the court procedures that condemned Jesus to death:
Famous Trials: The Trial of Jesus (30 C.E.)
Jurist Legal Intelligence: The Trial of Jesus
Table Comparison for the Chronological Events of the Last 12 Hours of Jesus' Life
The Trial Of Jesus
The Theological Implications of the Trial of Jesus - Part 1 and Part 2
"The Trial Of Jesus" From A Judge's Point Of View
The Trial Of Jesus Christ: Facts, Events & Analyses
What Really Happened At The Trial Of Jesus?

Websites putting forth expert analysis and evidences to show just how painful the ancient mode execution by crucifixion was:
An in-depth description of the crucifixion from the viewpoint of a medical expert...
Christ's death on the Cross--serious, real, painful
Crucifixion: A Wikipedia Entry
Crucifixion In Antiquity: the evidence
History Channel: The Crucifixion
How did crucifixion kill?
How Jesus Really Died
Jewish Remains Give Clues on Crucifixion
Jesus' crucifixion was one of many carried out for state reasons
Lesson 1: Roman Practice
Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Psalm 22: The View from the Cross

Websites discussing the evidences why the Resurrection was real and should not be ignored:
A Lawyer Examines The Swoon Theory
Does the Bible provide extraordinary evidence for Jesus' Resurrection?
Hoax? Myth? Or Reality? The Evidence For Jesus' Historical Resurrection
The No Tomb Theory - We Have a Tomb

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