Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Today's the day we've all been waiting for. Today my younger brother, who's been out of the country for so many years now, came home. He was supposed to fly in very early in the morning and we got there at the airport fifteen minutes after the scheduled airplane touchdown. We waited along the others in the waiting area provided, straining our necks and eyes at every person coming out the doors far from where we were. What I don't like about all this waiting is the fact that people forget the simplest of courtesies like saying "excuse me" whenever they try to go upfront. Of course they're all excited and all but it does get very annoying.

Things started picking up when my brother came out after a good round of waiting. We were all so happy to see him, especially my mom who missed him the most (we're also thankful to God for preserving him unharmed throughout his ordeal ). Then we had our breakfast buffet at the Peninsula Manila (a rare treat reserved for extremely special occasions). After some hours of eating and catching up we went around Greenbelt 3 to show my brother all the improvements that have been made in that area. Then we went to the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Center (when he was here the area was not yet developed as it is what we see today). We went through all the floors, going in and out of the open shops at that hour of the morning. Before going home to rest we brought my sister to her office in Manila. We haven't yet had our lunch as of this writing and the others are now watching TV and/or surfing the internet.

* * *

Click the strip to enlarge it.

I'm in awe of Frank Cho's uncanny ability to mimic other cartoonists' work like this particular strip from Liberty Meadows where he incorporates Berke Breathed's style into his own strip and even dares to feature Bloom County character Michael Binkley.

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