Saturday, April 03, 2004

We had a very interesting Artists' Den meeting last night with usual suspects in attendance (well almost the usual: Lyndon, The King of the Land of Tuna, Lico, RG, and Mark Cerbo). What made it particularly interesting was the continued speculation about the actors that could play comic strip based movies (we're very iffy with the Garfield movie as of this writing). Lyndon then brought up Hagar the Horrible live movie and we started casting possible actors who could play the characters. We agreed on John Goodman playing the title role and Roseanne Barr as his wife Helga. David Spade could play his sidekick, Lucky Eddie, Hillary Duff as daughter Honi, and Haley Joel Osment as his nerdy son, Hamlet. Family pets Snert and Kvack could be their ordinary animal selves. We didn't cast anyone as Dr. Spook. Then Az had a near run-in with a new crush. The girl near our table was reading Tin-tin comics and Az was able to make a brief conversation with her when he asked her if we could get the extra chairs for the additional guests arriving on our side. Now Az was pretty to kid around and after the girl upped and left, we started kidding him for not taking advantage of asking her if she's interested in reading comics maybe she'd wanna meet a table full of cartoonists and artists. He slapped himself in the head, laughed and regretted the lost opportunity. He even tried to look for her outside the cafe but it was all too late. We later dubbed her "The Tin-tin Girl" before Az remembered seeing her name on the cup she was drinking (Lorrie, girl, he's looking for ya real bad).

Then Lico suggested that we start talking about some subjects with a more philosophical bent, some of which has been bugging him for the longest time. The discussion turned out to be really spirited as Lyndon also spiced up the talks with further questions and pretty much contributed some answers to the topics at hand. I forgot the meat of the discussions but some of it delved on the existence of morality. The fun thing about philosophical talks is that it's a lot like a game of chess where each answer is carefully placed till you succeed in cornering your opponent into a checkmate position. In the end, it was still done in the name of fun and information. While we were in the middle of our discussions, the good people of Starbucks came over to our table and served each of us sliced pieces of rum cakes and small cups of coffee! In gratitude, each of us drew a self portrait on a piece of paper raising a toast to our hosts for that very nice gesture. Then we transferred to Chowking for some midnight meals and to continue our discussions and jokes before retiring for the night at around one in the morning.

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