Saturday, April 24, 2004

We just came back from a friend of my brother's house in Makati. Reynard is a former officemate of my brother in Philippine News back in San Francisco so I sorta know the guy too. We exchanged short conversations via email. He would pay a compliment on some of the comic strips I submit or we would talk about various anime available out there. He arrived here in the country last October but we lost contact after his office account was deleted. We caught up with news about our own activities, projects, and other stuff. He also showed us his extensive collection of anime DVDs and those he downloaded off the net. He has the biggest collection of Japanese cartoons I've ever seen. He even has these titles on CD I've never even heard of. Owing to the lack of time, we just watched a couple of previews while he told me what they were all about and showed us the special editions he and his wife bought in the conventions they attended. He told me I could invite some friends over to watch them if I wanted to. I borrowed his collection of Season 2 of the Ranma 1/2 TV series for a start. I'm thinking about reviving the anime filmfests again we had last year. Maybe I will soon enough. I'll think about it.

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