Friday, April 09, 2004

While most citizens of Metro Manila are out in the provinces visiting relatives, churches, listening or participating in the pasyon, witnessing the annual senakulo, or swimming in the beaches, we opted to stay home and watch DVDs. Earlier in the afternoon, me and my mom went to watch my dad participate in the local church parish's celebration of Good Friday. Being a Catholic Lay Minister, he and seven others were called upon to expound on the celebrated "Seven Last Words of Jesus." There were quite a few people inside the church building, listening to the preaching. Some of the other ministers peppered their talks with political messages, exhorting the people to vote wisely and junk candidates who sought to further their own agendas. I think it's all well and good to do that but hearing political reminders over and over again was getting a bit tiring. We left the scene after my dad's part, my mom dropped me off at the nearest Mini-Stop before going home. I haven't eaten anything and I was really craving for a Fatdog and some iced tea, after which I went home and ate my lunch.

Then I finally got to install the CD writer, cleaned up my memory disk and transferred half of the Photoshop files, mp3s, and documents into the blank CDs that I bought some days prior. When I finally finished with the files, I plopped down the den and watched one of my favorite movies, "While You Were Sleeping." Sandra Bullock was really in her element when she did that movie, she's charming and beautiful which really makes you wanna go up to her at the time and just sweep her off her feet. Then my sister followed that up with "Sixteen Candles" which I haven't yet watched in full. She's into teen movies like this one, Clueless, Bring It On, The Breakfast Club, etc. so I told her to look out for that other Molly Ringwald movie, "Pretty in Pink" which she's sure to like. I'll be going to bed soon since we're up for another out of town trip again tomorrow and we'll be leaving a lot earlier than we did yesterday.

* Speaking of fiestas this April, this German tourist site has the skinny on everyone of them, including those I haven't heard of before.

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