Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Would you believe me if I told you I watched The Passion of the Christ again tonight? Strange as it may sound but I have had experiences in watching personal favorites on the big screen more than twice. Like Back to the Future 2 and Titanic which I watched a lot more than usual (trust me, don't ask).

I didn't cry as much when I did the last viewings but I still cringed at the crucifixion scenes. The squishy sounds and the crunching sounds were still a little too much for me. I also tried to catch as many nuances inserted in the scenes as possible and trying to recall where in the Bible the scenes and dialogues were lifted from. Like the line "Hail to the Wormy King!" or when he was called "King of Worms," although not exactly found in the New Testament, was taken from a much older reference. I'd like to watch this again on the big screen later. Hopefully.

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