Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Another birthday's coming up and I've been doing some thinking. Just a wee bit, nothing major. Aside from Christmas there is no other day for me to cut loose and cavort like a little kid. We all had birthday parties when we were little kids complete with stuff that every kid's dreams are made off. Come the teen years and every birthday party starts winding down (at least mine did). Since I wasn't and still am not in favor of loud parties with plots of people standing about I took it upon myself to only invite a group of close friends to eat out and celebrate. At first there was only one group consisting of friends I had since I was in my elementary school. We would all go out to eat burgers and fries at the mall. Then College came and it multiplied to two groups, then a few Churchmates came in but I managed to merge my College friends since 70% of them were one and the same. And since different sets of friends have different wavelenghts I usually invite them out on different nights. What better way to bond with them than to enjoy a hearty meal and laughter with them solo? Birthday celebrations for me doesn't have to be limited to only one day, as I usually extend the celebrations as long as I want to, usually for weeks after the day. And I don't usually go for gifts, having them friends gathering around me is more than enough for me.

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