Monday, May 03, 2004

Finished the strip way ahead of schedule so I got to go with my brother to buy a new cellphone at The Hub in Podium. The problem was he was still undecided on what model to get so I got him a brochure and told him to think about it real carefully. He was seriously thinking of getting one of those models at the bottom rung of the Nokia totem pole. I told him he should at least consider getting one of those phones with colored graphics. Then he went home to catch his badminton appoinment with our sister. I went to the mall next door, watched a billiards competition at the atrium, scanned the galleries at the fourth floor, and ate dinner before going surfing the net here at my favorite haunt. Change of scene good. Real good.

Here's something funny: This customer beside me is hooked up with a webcam and a headset chatting with someone online. He's trying to get his chatmate to talk so he's making all this weird guttural sounds into the microphone. He's been at it for the past half an hour or so. Right now he's singing loudly and using the headphones as his microphone! He's so much into it he has his eyes closed and feeling every words of the background music the café is playing. I can't believe this.

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