Sunday, May 16, 2004

The first of a series of birthday blowouts commenced last night with one of my favorite couples, my very good friends, Jorge and Sheila. I missed these friends of mine since we meet very sporadically. I also planned this dinner at Cenà in Greenbelt 3 as early as last year when our family first dined there. One of the main attractions in the place is the Beef Fondue, a special dish where the customer deep fries a plateful of sliced beef cubes one by one in boiling beef fat inside a fondue pot, and dipping it in one of four kinds of gravy provided. Quite delicious I'm telling you.

We met around past nine in the evening and by then the whole place was already swinging. Good thing the inside of the restaurant is well insulated barring the sounds making the place very conducive to conversation. We each had our orders and we wrongly thought two extra rice would round off our dinner nicely. Bad move. We underestimated the Paella Marinara and other meat dishes we ordered despite the fact we were famished when we started.

Good food, great friends. What more can I ask?

Soul brothas

Now say "Aaahh..."

Snuffing it out

My complimentary birthday carrot cake.

Joel and Christine: not yet official but getting there

At the end of the meal I was given a slice of special carrot cake as requested by Sheila. It was unfortunate I didn't get to finish the thing since we were already fit to burst. Then we went to join the others at Bistro 110 near the heart of the business district. Turns out that Jorge's brothers and their friends had already started hanging out at that place some four hours prior. Some dropped by and joined us, the others left after a while. We hung out for a while before leaving at 1:25 a.m.

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