Sunday, May 30, 2004

Going to our grandma's house in Malolos, Bulacan was something I always looked forward to every month when I was a kid. They had the biggest yard full of diverse flora and fauna and I would explore it looking for toads, frogs, golden snails, caterpillars, dragonflies, damsel flies, tadpoles, spiders, and others. They also had a lot of flowering shrubs and fruit trees, so much so I learned a lot about biology from exploring the yard than in school.

A lot has changed since then and I do mean A LOT but I still looked forward to travelling to Malolos every now and then to visit my uncles and aunts. These pics are but part of a great bundle taken by me and brother earlier today:

Statues of saints guarding the fence perimeter of the Sta. Isabel church.

Bottle of fresh Carabao's milk with a banana leaf stopper.

Rice field with a bull guard (or was that a cow?).

Self-portrait with the old bathroom mirror.

Scribbled by my uncle on his closet door (July, 1974).

Part of my grandfather's old library collection. Now you know where my addiction to books came from.

A record of births in my Grandpa's handwriting at the back of his Bible. Entry no. 4 is my mother's.

Though the trips there have been infrequent as of late, my brother and me talked about going back to tour historical sites like Barasoain Church (where the first Philippine Constitution was drafted in 1898), Malolos Cathedral (where the first President, Emilio Aguinaldo and company stayed. A lot of stuff is still there including Aguinaldo's bed), Kamestisuhan (from the word "mestizo" or a person with mixed heritage. Part of the town where the old rich families lived, turn of the century houses can still be seen here), Casa Real (old print house turned museum which the Filipino Revolutionaries used to print their newsletters), the old Aquino House (ancestral house of the Aquino's, the most famous of which was Ninoy), site of the Instituto De Mujeres where the women of Malolos met for schooling (12 brave women braved Spanish persecution for seeking formal education), etc. The reason for this was that my brother got excited (albeit late) about the historical significance of the town and some of the stuff we found in our grandparents house. And he's all excited about helping me do the much delayed comic project about a story set during the Philippine-Spanish War and Philippine-American War. This will be really great, I just have to go through some unfinished projects before doing that.

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