Thursday, May 13, 2004

Here's my birthday wishlist. This, by far, is not the ultimate list but it's something I really, really want as of this moment *hint* *hint*:
1. A beautiful, loving, understanding, humorous, artistic wife.
2. A lazy fat orange tabby cat.
3. A Beagle, Chow-chow, or German Shepherd male puppy.
4. A silver convertible Chrysler PT Cruiser.
5. One of those bulky digital cameras serious photographers have.
6. An autographed picture of John Goodman.
7. The complete collection of the Lord of the Rings Platinum Series Special Extended Edition DVDs.
8. A scanner with more than 11" x 17" scanning surface.
9. A quiet studio condominium near Ayala Center.
10. A vacation cottage in the shires of New Zealand.

I'll probably add some more to this as it comes to mind.

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