Thursday, May 13, 2004

Sixteen years ago today, I spent my birthday inside the bus travelling from Los Angeles to San Francisco sitting beside a woman who talked non-stop throughout the entire trip. At the end of the journey, my Mom, who pitied the fool that woman was talking to, was surprised that that fool was me. On one hand you could say that I've nothing to complain since I spent one of my birthdays in a foreign land, but on the other I have to say that it was one of the worst. It was the one of worst because instead of me being surrounded by happy people with smiling faces feting me with cake or ice cream and tooting horns in my ear, I had nothing but a long journey home with no one taking notice of it.

Birthdays are supposed to be special. You only have the privilege to celebrate ONE special day out of 365 and I don't think it's wrong to expect it to turn out to be something different and out of the ordinary. Sadly, this knowledge is confined to only one individual. Like earlier tonight while I was walking towards the mall the thought that complete strangers and merchants whose stalls I'm passing by would stop to smile and greet me a happy birthday. I would be all embarrassed by attention then I would wave it away and say "Pshaw!" Is it too much to ask for birthdays to have this shimmery, shiny glow around all things? Short of it being a musical, the least I could expect is for people to be all sunshiny, happy, and bouncy. One of the worst things that could happen is for everyone to be nonchalant about it. I could be there standing on my bed with my pajamas on, a giant plastic cheese on my head, arms stretched up with a goofy grin waiting for that all important greeting and nobody would notice. I'm not going to advertise my birthday, it's too pathetic if I did. If I did then that might even put the person on the spot thinking I'm expecting a gift to be handed to me and party be organized in my honor. No, I'm going about it the subtle way. Though I really regret to say it's not working out the way I planned.

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