Saturday, May 29, 2004

Speaking of struggling with comic deadlines because of "more important" things like a career, my friend Lyndon posted an article about Making Web-Comics Your Day Job which pretty much sums up what I'm dreaming of right now:
As most people have experienced, jobs/classes cost time and sometimes sanity. When web-comic creators have to donate large chunks of their time to their day jobs, they just don't post their comics as often, or the quality of their comics goes down. When comics are posted too irregularly, readers begin to lose interest or express frustrations.

R.K. Milholland of Something Positive recently posted a response to e-mails about his spelling problems in which he said, "If you are really bothered by my lack of updates or my need of extra proofreading, help me quit my day job so I can devote the time to doing it". As is evident here, some readers just aren't aware of how difficult it is to maintain a web-comic. It only takes a few seconds to read one but it takes hours to create one. Rants must be posted, e-mail must be answered, the website must be maintained, and the writer must be allowed to stare blankly off into space until she or he gets whacked in the back of the head by the muse.

I wish I could pursue doing comics as a full-time job (both stable and lucrative while I'm at it). Already, there are plans for animations, ambitious graphic novels, and merchandising galore (*ka-CHING!*). But I mean, who doesn't? Right? In a perfect world, everybody's working on his or her own dream job with all the perks one could ever want and more. As of now, artists will always struggle with either apathy from the general public or politicizing from pushy patrons.

* You can read the whole article here.

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