Friday, May 14, 2004

We just got back from my birthday dinner at this large Japanese restaurant in Greenbelt 3 called Sugi. At first I was out of ideas where to eat, there were all kinds of restaurants and I didn't where to start first. Then I remembered my dad wanting to try out this restaurant way back New Year's Eve and we hadn't had a chance to do so. Then I thought maybe tonight would be a good night to try them out. Unfortunately I had two things going against me earlier: one my dad and sister didn't feel like going out after a spat, so me, my mom and my brother were the only ones left to eat out. Second, I forgot my digicam at home so it was pretty sucky. I had to use the phone for these pics:

We were waiting for our seats when I took this one

Those lamps would've looked a lot better if this were a lot clear.


Ma and my brother looking through the menu.

I liked the food but I guess it was too exotic for me. The taste, I mean. It could've been better. Then we finished the night out with some coffee and cakes at the Tea Leaf & Coffee Bean place.

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