Monday, June 07, 2004

I just submitted the strip for this week's edition of Philippine News and I'm not happy with how it turned out. I was actually psyched out to edit two comic strips when the computer crashed and everytime I would restart it would crash again and again and again. Disappointment turned to frustration, frustration turned to anger and anger turned from match stick flame to forest fire-like. I told God I already learned my lesson and tried bargaining with Him to let me work on these strips just this one time before letting the PC conk out on me. When I restarted the computer and it crashed on me again I flew into a rage, ripped the cords out of its back and hauled it off to Brochiere Computers for repairs. I was a smoldering lava spewing volcano and woe to anyone who stood in my way.

The thing with being mad is that it burns people out more quickly than usual, that by the time I came home I was already bushed and fell asleep for about an hour. I sort of mellowed down when I woke up. Then I followed the repair two hours later and the tech guy on the other end of the line told me that they managed to isolate the problem to software problems and they will be needing to reboot the Win 98 OS. That time it was a little passed 3:30 pm and they told me backing up the files would take around two hours, installing Windows 98 would take around another two hours leaving me with very little time to work with. They also asked me to bring the drivers for the motherboard and other installers for the hardware inside. What happened again when I searched for the installers in the only place I was sure I placed them some months ago turned me into another seething, smoldering volcano. I looked and looked for the CDs in every shelf and cabinet possible and still they were not there. After an hour's worth of frustration (translating to further disappointments) I marched out of the house into the computer repair center and dropped whatever installers I have that might help. Which spawned more bad news since it wasn't anything they needed. By then I was already resigned to do the strip in another computer minus the clipart and color codes I needed. I asked my brother to scan the artwork in his computer and provide a copy in a diskette for me to work on. What came out was something that can still be called good but still I can't help but feel a lot crummy because of what happened.

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