Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I've been commissioned to do a full page comic for an up and coming hip magazine called Live the Life. It's gonna be different and it's planned out to be something edgy and alternative like the original MTV. My friend, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Ganns Dean gave me enough space to do with that one page as I pleased (with the condition that I keep the magazine's thrust and target audience in mind). So I thought, okay, that's nothing out the ordinary. I did have a bit of a struggle with the given lead time of two weeks, but everything turned out great! Who woulda thought that the first guy on Earth, Adam, could be pictured as a clueless brawny bruiser with lots of chest hair, sideburns, and a goatee? Eh? Initial fears that I won't be able to churn out something feasible turned out to be unfounded and all expectations were surpassed! Wow.

Anyhow, here's a preview of that comic page that I did and one of them things to look forward to in that magazine come September:

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