Thursday, June 24, 2004

Still finishing the stuff. I'm actually making more headway this time and the pace of the work is really no that bad as I initially thougt it would be. I still got time to go out and eat before burying myself in more work. Well actually, I was drawing in a nearby café for a change of scenery. The good thing about it is that there aren't that much people there and I also have all the reference materials with the magazines they're providing for their dine-in customers. And I get to watch people pass by whenever I have those small breaks in between. I don't wonder much about what goes on in their minds whenever I look at their faces. I myself was lost inside my thoughts. Time seems to go on a slower pace inside the café where I'm in. Rain drizzles down a bit and I just watch their reactions whether they're shielding their heads from the falling drops of rain or would they be walking on a much faster pace in hopes of evading it. Who knows? As for me, I just sat there and enjoyed the relative peace and quiet with the right amount of white noise going on in the background.

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