Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Here are some shots from last night's night out at the town. After fetching our sister from her office in Pasay, me and my brother went back to the hotel to fetch our parents for some dinner in Greenbelt 3. Then it's back to the hotel for some TV with our coffee and pastry.

Dad and mom being cozy together.

My brother looks shocked at the potential amount that will be reflected on the bill.

Shot of the lights reflected on the soup taken by my brother.

Lovely loo.

I moved at the last second but this shot still came out great.

Indulging in a little "surreal" portrait.

View from inside the drinking glass.

Pooped out from watching cable.

I took lots of shots inside the bathroom owing to the good lighting, mirrors, black and white floor tiles and marbled walls. Something about all these sent lots and lots of creative juices sloshing through the noggin. Me and the sibs went home around past midnight after getting our fill of the room.

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