Monday, July 19, 2004

I can't believe I've been struggling with the layout of one comic strip that was supposed to be one the simplest things I ever planned. This doesn't have any of those lines that usually surround the panels, the storyline is done straight with nary any twist, and the dialogue sparse. But why oh why can't I do it correctly? My mom was trying to draw me into a conversation at the same time. There I was struggling with the drawings while trying to figure out what it is I'm doing wrong and composing a nutty dialogue at the same time. Possibilities for linear thought suffice to sustain a dialogue with anybody is impossible. I know and I tried to avoid it by going upstairs and downstairs but all the frustrations and helplessness have already set in. I'm taking a break for a while. I scanned whatever illustrations I have and I'm leaving it for a short time while I try and figure out what direction it should take. I know I'll figure out something, I just hope it's real good.

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