Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I'm toying around again with a not-so-new idea for the comic compilation I've been planning since 2002. The good news with this thing is that I don't have to bother with no ISBN number since I won't be distributing it in any big chain bookstores, I won't have to shell out obscene amounts of money for thousands of copies and having to worry about paying for it while it gathers dust and cobwebs in one corner of my room. I can produce whatever number of copies are needed and fast. I can even produce colored comics without worrying about the skyrocketing price of color separation. I could even toy around with experimental stuff that could become a trademark! I'm talking about releasing the comic compilation of CLASS in CD-ROM format (or CD-ROMics) minus the fancy-schmancy graphics of an interactive menu (which will cost me more than what I want to pay to hire tech people to do that). I got the idea after reading Tobie's blog about his Diliman CD-ROMics being given away in Comic Quest, Megamall. If the demand is there then sure I'll be churning out the book compilation.

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