Saturday, July 17, 2004

The invitation originally specified a graduation party cum birthday party only. I understood it to mean that there would only be a few of us people from the New Worlds Alliance group. It also specified that the party would start at exactly 6 p.m. but I got there almost an hour later due to the heavy storm slamming the whole of Metro Manila at the time. It was a good thing too since the start of the party was moved to 7 p.m. which means I got to Barrio Fiesta Restaurant right on time. I was surprised to see a huge group of people wearing Hawaiian themed shirts gathering near the entrance and welcoming the others. I was also wearing a hawaiian shirt so it was kinda embarrassing having them stare at me trying to decipher whose family I belong to. Turns out Gabe's clan was also having a grand reunion at the same time. Hector was there the same time as me along with another girl (whose name escapes me right now). I had a lot of fun watching the whole proceedings, seeing it would be a nice fodder for future comic stories. The others arrived one by one right through the middle of our meal. Here are some of the pictures from the party earlier tonight: 

Carl and Hector strike a pose while Az was caught unawares.

"Akala mo ikaw lang may dalang camera?"

Lady Gabe sings Annie Lennox's Academy Award winning ditty "To The West"

Miao tests his invention - the Kare-kare Sandwich

"Stop it na! Yan o you're making me blush na!"

Ricky, me, Hector, Gabe, Az, Miao, Carl (partly hidden) and...

The party was capped with dancing to beats from the 70s up to the 90s. Out of the many people in our table only Az and Gabe were getting jiggy with the others on the dance floor. I haven't danced at all since high school nor do I have any plans to embarrass myself in the coming years.

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