Thursday, July 01, 2004

It was full and exhausting day for us yesterday. I wasn't surprised since my brother warned me about it the other day. What happened was we took his Fil-Am friend Harold and his girlfriend, May around Metro Manila for a tour, since they're only here for only two weeks to settle some business. They've been staying with with Mae's relatives in Olongapo the past week and they arrived in Manila only last Tuesday. By the way, Harold's a short-film director and one of the founding members of a multimedia group called The Filament (my brother's one of the core members).

The tour started after a bank errand (those people behind the counter need to realize that they need to start moving in real time!) we first went to the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell Center to have our lunch. On the way there Harold took a shot of one of the most notorious landmarks we have along EDSA - the pink urinals. He took a video of this little curiosity for a few minutes while we waited inside the car. Then afterwards he went down again and took another shot of the Joya Lofts and Towers where they're looking to buy or rent a unit after seeing it promoted in the Bay Area. We took them to the basement area where majority of the restaurants were located. We picked a Mediterranean resto since they wanted something different and the others were already too crowded. Then we transferred to the store next door for dessert before going upstairs to check out the Joya Loft showroom. We were properly impressed with what we saw and Harold's resolve to get one for the group was firmly cemented. Then we checked out this nearby optical shop and they were floored by the extreme affordability of them prescription glasses (around $70 compared to the $400-$700 back home). They spent a good amount of time picking out the ones they like before going upstairs to buy advance tickets to the Spider-man 2 movie showing.

Afterwards, they brought me home to help with some chores while they proceeded to go to Greenhills to buy some stuff they needed back home. They didn't get back till after four hours later and in between the powerline in this neighborhood kept going out like crazy (storms can do funny things to the powerline). We went out again with one and half hours to spare for dinner. Since Harold have been hearing a lot about the nightlife in Eastwood City, Libis we thought it be more appropriate to have our dinner there. We picked a resto called Something Fishy which, according to my brother, has a proven fast service compared to the others.

Full fishy diners (left to right): me, my brother Kris, Harold, and May

After dinner we raced back to the Powerplant Mall to catch the last showing of Spider-man 2. The credits were already rolling when we got in and missed some of the earlier Alex Ross art being shown. The movie's more than great and we were raving about it and we also talked about the planned sequel/s for the film (I read before that actor Tobie Maguire signed up for 2 movies so I'm not sure if there's going to be a 4th movie). By then it was nearly midnight and we took them home to Harold's cousin's house in Las Piñas where they're staying during the duration of their stay in Manila. On the way their we talked about various projects that The Filament could get into, his network of friends working in the SFX field in Hollywood, and my inclusion in their coregroup (YEHEY!!!). After that we went home happy as a clam and very excited about future prospects in this group.

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