Saturday, July 31, 2004

Kestrel Studios' head honcho Dean Alfar has already posted a (insert superlative) detail from the planned cover of Siglo: Passion in his blog. And here I am still nowhere near starting with the pages. Let's see what I've done so far is I've already illustrated pages 2-12, scanned 'em and still in the process of cleaning them up and fixing the panel borders. I've yet to do page 1 since I'm having trouble fixing the original thumbnails with the script. Yeah I'm unhappy with the thumbnails for the first page and I don't think I could go on with it until I'm satisfied with everything. Which translates to the fact that I can't start with coloring the whole thing until I finish the first page which I can't because I'm still trying to get around this big boulder of a mental block barricading the way to this big idea because I'm not satisfied with the thumbnails– you get the whole idea. Other artists have posted previews of their works in their blogs which turns up the pressure for me to stop dilly-dallying around and get right down to it.

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