Sunday, July 18, 2004

There are days I wish I could just go out for hours on end without going home while the sun's still up and there are days I wish I could spare a few hours rest before going out again. I just barely got home from church service when I was met by the family eager to go out to the malls. I shucked my rest period and said yes to the invitation, never mind if I just had my lunch and merienda in one. Our first stop was Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas and the deal was me, mom and dad were to go around and check things out while my brother and sister did their workout at Gold's Gym for a couple of hours. Then the thought hit me that I should have brought my sketchpad if we were to wait for them to finish. Well yeah, the afternoon snack at Max's Fried Chicken was good but I'm not going to force myself to spend another minute browsing through the department store looking for nothing in particular. I don't know how my mom does it but I haven't got the patience to walk around a humongous room full of tupperwares and clothing trying to figure out what's good enough to buy. So I went straight to National Book Store and bought myself a brand new sketchpad. The way I figure it it would be best to spend time giving life to thoughts racing around the noodle. Then I joined my dad at the cafe inside the gym's compound. After a while when everyone came out from where it is they came from we went to Greenhills and went with my sister to look for more items of clothing. It didn't take long before I started feeling real restless again. I told them I would be heading to another part of the mall where the pirates thrive to look for mp3 CDs. After completing my purchase I joined them for dinner near the store where I left them. Singer Pilita Corrales and her family, including son, actor Ramon Christopher and his kids were also dining in the same restaurant but they were sitting outside where there were lots of people. I guess they didn't mind being gawked at every once in a while but I don't think the people were gawking at them in an obvious way. Unlike my mom who would watch them go about their business and speculate about Ramon Christopher's separation from his wife. We had to constantly address her to just mind her food and not stare too much. By this time a storm was raging outside and I watched a group of Chinese or Korean tourists try to hail a cab. I also tried to to compose my plans for this week's strip but everytime I did I would fail. I already have the general idea as to how I would do the drawings but the dialogue needs some more fine tuning. Maybe I can do it later and besides, so ran my thoughts earlier, I need to finish this sketch I already started in this new sketchpad. After dinner we had our coffee and more conversations in another upstairs cafe. I was already full but I'm not one to complain about having free dessert anyway. I don't think I'd be able to do the drawings tonight. Maybe tomorrow. For now my bed, my pillow, my sheets, and my pajamas beckon.

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