Saturday, July 10, 2004

There are good movies and there are "mmm... nyeah!" movies that you wish could have been a lot better if they did a reshot and a rewrite of the script. That's what the movie The Prince & Me should have been, the movie me and my mom saw last night. The story's out of every girl's fantasy of having their own literal prince charming coming down from his ivory tower and sweeping them up from relative obscurity into a platform of fame, fortune, and acceptance. But in a modern twist this "fairy tale" damsel doesn't swoon into her prince's arms and live happily ever after. Well not yet anyway. She has to assert her own individuality and wants and dreams of going on a medical mission to poor countries outside her lover's shadow (apparently, she hasn't heard of Princess Diana) so she breaks the engagement right before the Crowning ceremony and goes back to her simple life in America. No that there's anything wrong with the Prince, her would-be in-laws and the people of Denmark who have accepted her as one of their own. No, she had to be this little spoiled girl who wants her big cake and eat it too. I like Julia Stiles as an actress since she comes across as this intelligent head-strong woman who could also be your best friend and lover. But this movie just plain sucks! They made her character to be this indecisive college student who makes one impulsive decision after another without ever thinking of the consequences of her actions. In real life, what she did in the movie could have caused a large scandal that would have shamed the whole Danish Royal Family and made them a laughing stock of the world. And what's with the end of the boom mike peeking out from the edges of the screen?

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