Thursday, July 15, 2004

We ate out at the Outback Steakhouse in Makati City as suggested by my dad. It was just a quiet dinner for just the five of us (my brother and his wife backed out due to some previous commitment). The conversations at the beginning were nice, revolving around job perks that my brother recently got from the office and the possibility of my having a comic strip in one newspaper. When the subject of politics and problems around the house came in everything went downhill for a while. Good thing compliments about the food were injected every now and then so it wasn't a complete loss. As much as possible I stay away from talking about politics unless it promises to be short and entertaining. The subject of my bidding in eBay was also brought up and it was the first time my sister learned about what I was bidding on. As usual, she thought it was real weird of me to be willing to shell out that much money for a keepsake. But I reminded her it wasn't any ordinary keepsake but rather a souvenir. Then after dinner we went to Starbucks upstairs in the cinema for some coffee. We continued our conversations about our wedding anniversary surprise for them (an overnight stay at the Mandarin Hotel on Tuesday) and my wanting to have a German Shepherd. I don't think there's any space for the dog right now owing to our present dalmatian. Besides my mom won't have another dog going inside the house sleeping on my bed. We went home some 45 minutes later. 

We like calling this "chocolate bread" even if it's not.

Nice view of the condotels from the Starbucks ledge.

Hotel Intercontinental where high school peeps from the 80s had their proms.

This Foxtrot strip that came out in today's paper had me guffawing loud enough to wake the dead.

Well not really but it's hilarious.

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