Tuesday, July 20, 2004

We brought my mom earlier today to Mandarin Hotel in Makati City for the first day of her and dad's overnight stay in a hotel (our gift for their 37th wedding anniversary). Traffic was horrible on the way in which wasn't supposed to be the case on a weekday, so's with the crowd in suits and dresses waiting for their cars outside the entrance. The reason for which I found out later was a birthday lunch for socialite Rosemarie "Baby" Arenas feted for her by her friends. I espied ABS-CBN newscaster Julius Babao and his wife, TV personality Christine Bersola chatting with their friends while my mom picked up the key at the front desk. The room was nice and definitely better than the one we stayed in at the Manila Hotel last month (which looked like it was stuck in an early 80s time warp). Before I left I taught her how to fiddle with the TV remote control so she could enjoy herself watching her favorite shows. Me, my brother, and sister will be bringing my dad later so we could hang out for a while. Right now I'm thinking that one of these days I should treat myself to the same. Just me, myself, and I looking out the window at the world below pondering about a lot of things mish-mashed together in one incohesive gibberish that makes a lot of sense.

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