Saturday, July 03, 2004

We had another great time last night which started very late in the afternoon when me, my friend Jo, my brother Kris, and Harold held a meeting at Starbucks, in Annapolis Street, Greenhills to discuss the plans for The Filament team here in Manila. It was a short meeting since we still had to pick up May in one of the salons dotting the Greenhills area, pick up their charcoal portraits, and meet Harold's cousin's family for dinner.

After leaving Greenhills, we dropped Jo off in Pasay and we went ahead to the lone commercial area in Macapagal Avenue (I forgot what's it called) to meet up with Harold's cousin, Ate Emmie and her family. Originally, I thought we were going to be dining out in Dampa near the airport but Pantalan Maynila was suggested so off we went. Harold's nephew, Keg rode with us in the car and we all had a great time getting acquainted with each other. He's a lively kid at fourteen, very vivacious and knowledgeable about a lot of things. We learned later that his schoolmates tended not to pull their punches and called him names, so he prefers the company of adults more. There was a good flow of conversation that time practically flew by without us noticing that it was already late in the evening.

Ate Emmie, Kuya Rommel, May, Harold, me, Kris, and Keg

While earlier today we woke up extra early to fetch Harold so we could sit down with Mowelfund's Chairman Nick Deocampo to discuss a possible partnership between the two companies with regards to one of the major projects The Filament has. We had a hard time finding where Mowelfund is in New Manila. Everyone we asked, it seems, had different ideas where the street we're looking for was located. Or they didn't have any idea at all. At the time it was like looking for a needle in the haystack and it's as if went in every street available in the area. When we found the place, we were about six minutes late for our appointment. But it didn't matter much since it also slipped Mr. Deocampo's mind and with profuse apologies through the phone, he asked that we meet in a nearby café called Green Eggs and Blue Bacon (or is it the other way around?). It's a quaint little café cum resto that caters to the artsy-fartsy types.

When Mr. Deocampo arrived, my brother Kris opened the discussion with a little bit of background of the group and asking some questions about the history of Mowelfund. We let Mr. Deocampo talk about the reasons that led to the foundation's establishment (we found out that "Mowelfund" means "Movie Workers Welfare Foundation", interesting eh?), how it manages to survive, all the film projects and festivals they've handled and the deplorable state of local cinema. After getting all the information out in the open, Harold opened the group's proposal for a possible partnership with the foundation. Mr. Deocampo seems impressed with the goals laid out before him and told us to pass the necessary papers for review. Then he offered to take us on a tour of Mowelfund's building while telling us the plans for the upper floors which are as yet unfinished.

Nick Deocampo exlaining plans for the different floors.

When we left the place to go to Ate Emmie's place (where Harold and May are staying for the meantime) we discussed everything that had just transpired and we were all in agreement that everything's good and the possibilities for the success of this partnership are endless. It's just a matter of discussing it with the other members of the group. We ate our lunch there and afterwards Harold showed us one of the documentaries he's directed and one of the group's first project about Filipinos in America (I'm keeping my lips zipped about this project but the idea is so good and so inspiring that even Mr. Deocampo himself was interested in securing the rights to showing it in the next indie film festival here). We made our critiques about the documentary and Harold agrees that the editing still needs work. Then afterwards he and May got ready to attend the Film Academy Awards Night at the CCP. One of his best friends here secured two invitations to the formal event. We dropped them off near the entrance and he told us to get ready later since we might be going out again to check out the clubs for a taste of the famous Manila nightlife. I'll be needing all the hours I could get from hereon to catch up on my sleep.

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