Sunday, August 08, 2004

Bought some fresh props from the grocery for the comic strip on the way home from church service. I'll be needing to take stock photos of these needed items from a certain angle and I'm not sure if there are available pictures on the internet for these. I don't feel like wasting more time searching for them pictures anymore. I just need to finish this project so I can move on to other works. Speaking of which I'm making quite a progress with the Siglo: Passion pages. I can't exactly gauge how many percent finished (maybe somewhere 70-80% finished) but at least I could feel the burden lift off my shoulders and somewhat smile to myself with the progress that I'm making. I rarely feel smile at my work (or else look like a silly fool for smiling at nothing in particular) and it's even rarer for me to feel this proud at the results. Though it's not that safe an estimate that the others would like it, it's still safe to say the odds of that not happening is quite slim. Yeeeeee!

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