Saturday, August 07, 2004

Had another deviantART Manila EB (the second one in fact) in SM Megamall. Me and Az actually had some reservations about holding the EB at the Cheesecake place since all we're going to do is take up space for an extended period of time and not order much of anything from them. And sure enough we were driven away from the place after an hour and a half. There were a lot of new faces this time and being a latecomer to this event, I didn't get to introduce myself to a lot of them (I didn't do anything creative with the I.D. either, I tried to pass off a yellow Post-it note as one). But long before being driven away, Edgar Tadeo held a short lecture about the anatomical differences between Japanese characters and Western characters. After which I also took the chance to request a couple of drawings from Ed. I asked him to sketch two of my favorite Marvel Comics characters Wolverine and Venom:



This is a really big deal because he works as both inker and colorist for comic book giants like Marvel and Image among others. Then we transferred downstairs to the Food Court, it was Ryan Orosco's turn to do some short lectures about drawing the human anatomy and doing the correct way of shading one's work. We finished around past 8 p.m. and while the others opted to stay behind, me, Az, and Ryan dropped by Comic Alley and Toy Kingdom to check out some new releases before heading home.

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