Saturday, August 14, 2004

Me, Ryan, and Az hung around in Lyndon's place last night after convening the Artists' Den meeting at Starbucks. It was sort of a slow night with not much people attending the gathering so we though it better to transfer to L's house so Ryan can start working on the project he was commissioned to do. To kill a couple of hours we watched an obscure French animation from the 90s titled "Kaina." It's a sci-fantasy story that pits two ancient alien races against each other resulting in the accidental creation of humanoids beneath an uninhabited planet. These humanoids were subject to serve the malevolent alien race by instilling a superstitious religious fear into their heads making themselves to be like gods. Their only hope lies on an ancient prophecy that a sort of messiah will rise up from their people to lead them to their own independence. The problem was, nobody believes in this prophecy because they all think it was some kind of silly superstition. I didn't get much into the animation until the later part so I killed time taking pictures playing with the lighting effects. Here are some of them:

There's a nice alternative/indie feel to this one.

Double exposure on this one came out good.

Another cool painterly figure on the foreground.

I was lying on one of the two beanbags scattered on the floor when I took these. The blurred effects somewhat remind me of my friend Nelz's painted artworks.

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