Saturday, August 21, 2004

We just came back from the wedding of my cousin in San Pedro, Laguna. We had to be at their house hours ahead of the ceremony since me and my sister were part of the entourage. She stood as one of the bridesmaids and me, I stood as one of the groom's men (in other words, "pampahaba ng pila"). Days before this I already bought a ready made Barong Tagalog for this ceremony that's cheaper than the standard price of Barongs sold in the malls. But after putting it on outside the church right before the ceremony I should have took the time (and the money) to have it custom fit. The inside of the church was humid but we had to grin and bear it. I took some time to observe the modern changes they made for the altar (part of which looked a lot like a big pile of glass jalousies piled on top of another). And given my aversion to traditions in wedding receptions, I would have preferred to skip the binging and stayed in the car. I really hate being one of the single guys called down to the floor everytime to catch the garter. To me it's always an opportunity to make a fool of oneself in front of hundreds of people. Good thing I didn't get the garter. Well anyway the whole set up was nice, the souvenirs they gave away was nice, and the food was great. The traffic on the way back home was way more than normal so we got home a lot faster than the usual.

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