Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Front and back cover

I got myself an original Nonoy Marcelo book from the Greenhills tiangge earlier this afternoon. The book is a collection of his earlier strips from the year 1965 and his imminent style is still in its infancy. At the time he's yet not known by his nickname but rather his full name (Severino) and signs his works with plain "Marcelo". Though there are splotches on the cover of the book the inside pages are still in good condition with neither a tear nor any missing page. Introduction was done by the late Don Alejandro Roces, National Artist of the Philippines for literature and acknowledged to be the best Filipino author of comic short stories. This series was the first comic strip Nonoy Marcelo did before moving on to "Tisoy" and eventually "Ikabod" where he found great renown. Truly this book is a priceless collector's item.
And I got it for only 100.00 Php or less than $2.00!!! Nyahahahar!!!

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