Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'm aiming higher this time for the next gadget purchase, like something along the lines of a laptop. And not just any laptop, mind you. I'm setting my sights on getting a sleek black laptop with a gazillion gigabytes of harddrive memory, a huge monitor, wireless network interface card so I could update my blog outside the house (like say, while sipping a Starbucks Grande sized hot chocolate in Greenbelt 3), with a CD/VCD/DVD burner/player combo , long lasting battery, the works!!! With that kind of mobile technology at my disposal I could take digital pictures and upload them on the net real time! That way I could also write stories while waiting (I prefer the cleanliness of the PC rather than the messy pen and paper) and play ambient mp3 tunes while doing so. Yup! I'm putting this down as one of my goals for next year. Maybe come Christmas I'd be able to afford the top o' the line model. Hehehe... Wow!

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