Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Stayed home after half a day's walk through the malls accompanying my mom for some last minute shopping for their trip to Moscow on Friday. Strangely though although we only went through two malls I'm more exhausted now than going through the buying binge by myself. Case in point in the difference guys shop from the girls is that guys waltz into the malls, go directly to the store they've already planned to go to, grab the item, and head to the cashier all under five minutes tops. Then if there are still some time left they'd go window shopping for gadgets that would tickle their fancy. While girls would plan to buy one item but the minute they go inside the mall or store they would be distracted by other items on the way (long deliberate comparative shopping) that by the time they buy whatever it is they want to buy a couple of hours had already passed. This explains why girls shouldn't drag guys around whenever they go shopping. But this doesn't mean that don't love my mom. I love her very much, I just wished she made her mind half the time so we could have done more and avoided needless walking in such a small space. We didn't push through with the plan to watch a movie, opting instead to watch one of the DVDs we have at home.

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