Thursday, September 16, 2004

We arrived from the seminar held by reknowned author John C. Maxwell at the PICC earlier. It was a whole day affair which started a some time past 8 in the morning and ended around 5:30 p.m. We went there real early to avoid the rush hour traffic and thankfully there wasn't any traffic but we were held up along with thousands of other folks at the registration area. We spent some thirty minutes there before a supervisor mercifully announced that we didn't need the ID to get inside the venue, we just need to present our ticket to be able to get in (I was beginning to pity the people behind the counters who were being shouted at and being the receiving end of some rude remarks). After getting into the conference hall there were some difficulty finding our seats due to the fact that the ushers were still somewhat unfamiliar with the assigned seat sections. Good thing the head manager of the organizers apologized profusely right before introducing Dr. Maxwell (we all melted and said "aaaawwww!!!") and starting the seminar on the right foot.

Dr. Maxwell is a natural speaker and he engaged the audience right from the start by introducing himself and asking that we do the same. This sounds too simplified and I wish you could have been there to get the whole effect. It's more of the personal approach to the discussion peppered with entertaining anecdotes and just the right amount of humor that kept us listening to him. On his part he was taken aback by the fact that everyone was taking notes and this was a wonderful surprise to him. My brother explained to me later that most of the audience in the U.S. doesn't jot down notes which is more of a problem because we all know that those ideas that we don't write down are forgotten quite quickly. Here are some I pictures I took before the camera's battery conked out on me:

"My name is John. I'm your friend."

He spoke in a sure and deliberate manner you can't help but listen.

Here he was recounting the

Even nuns lapped up his words

I think he was ennumerating his second or third point here

He based his talking points on his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and though he aimed to discuss all 21 laws he only managed to discuss only so much. After lunch we were regalled by Robert Seña with a song titled "Our Father/I Believe" that he performed so well and with a voice so powerful that Dr. Maxwell couldn't help but be awe-inspired by what he heard. He requested another song and he also called onto the stage Robert's wife and manager, Isay Alvarez. He had no idea who he was talking to at first but when Dr. Maxwell heard that the wifey also sang (they were part of the original cast of Miss Saigon) he said that he wouldn't mind hearing them sing together and pushing his talk time later. I forgot the title of the song they did but Dr. Maxwell was so impressed that he personally invited them to his office in Atlanta, Georgia to perform for his office staff. After that last performance and before he continued with the seminar he told them to give their contact numbers and email address so they could get in touch with each other (you could read more about the Mr. and Mrs. Seña here). He also told us a surprise not long after with the announcement that he was going to record one of his audio study sessions in that seminar which will be distributed to all Maximum Impact members throughout the United States. This was the first time he recorded one of his sessions out of the U.S. and it was really a privilege to be part of it. He enjoyed his time so much here speaking before a convention hal full of Filipinos that he stated in his recording that he hopes that he'll be able to come back soon. The seminar finished around 6:00 pm and he apologized long before that he wouldn't be able to finish all 21 laws and with our "permission" he finished around fourteen. Some thirty minutes before he left the stage to sign books he concluded the seminar and announced that people were free to leave as they wish and as he was about to give his testimony about his faith and he wouldn't want to force those others who have things to attend to or those offended by such things to squirm in their seats. He recounted the moment he received Jesus into his heart and how much of an impact it made in his life. There were still a lot of people who stayed and soon after that he made us bow our head and close our eyes as not to embarrass those whose hearts were touched to receive Christ. He asked them to raise their hands as an act of surrender and then led them into a prayer of repentance. I don't know how many received Christ into their lives that day but it seems that many did. After that Dr. Maxwell signed books and didn't stop till everyone was happy which was about an hour later. Me, my brother, and mom stopped by KFC on the way home discussing everything that transpired with excitement and glee.

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