Monday, October 11, 2004

I didn't like Shark Tale ever since I first saw the character designs in the trailer they showed some months ago. This was the movie I watched with my friends last night. I wanted to watch Raising Helen again but after losing in rock-paper-scissors I didn't have any choice in the matter. Granted the movie's fun and funny and I could forget about the fishies not looking like fishes at all and instead are caricatures of real celebrities providing the voices for the characters (oh look, Oscar's got fins at the side of his head like Will Smith! And Sykes? Lookit those bushy eyebrows! How 'bout Lola? Is that hair or fins on her head?) I still stand with my decision that this movie's very forgettable. I don't know why DreamWorks came out with this Finding Nemo-reject just like the way they did with Antz (which I also didn't like). The whole project's sort of mixed up. The wacky and colorful character designs were meant to target kids but I don't know if the intended audience will find the jokes in the film funny at all. To get the jokes at least one has to be familiar with almost every gangster movie Hollywood has churned out, like The Godfather series. So what does that say about kids? Also the bit about traffic and crowd in Times Square? Been there done that in A Bug's Life. It's not a total loss for the whole production, the humor's there along with the big name stars like Robert De Niro providing the attraction but I sure wish they would stay away from Pixar Studio's shadow and come up with their own story. One last thing, if the underlying message beneath the softie vegetarian shark the people behind the whole production came up with is what I think it is, then they didn't do a good job of providing a good moral story around it.

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