Sunday, October 03, 2004

I don't feel good today. I feel the onset of a really bad fever coupled with a sore throat problem. I got to attend the morning service in Galleria anyway then went straight to The Podium to buy DVDs from Astroplus. The whole mall is having a sale and this DVD store is offering discounts to most of their titles (I was tipped off by this sale thanks to Arnold and Cynthia's phlog). They're offering their movies for only 333.00 Php or roughly $6 each! Unfortunately they didn't have the boxed set of the Back to the Future trilogy and though they were offering almost 40% discount on The Adventures of Indiana Jones, I resisted the impulse to get it since I could get six different movies for almost the same price. I'll get that the next time they have a sale (about 2 months from now). I did splurge on the DVDs and I feel great about this, especially since I'm not keen on buying pirated copies of these same movies. Next week though it's back to filling the ol' bank account again, but as of this moment I'm gonna enjoy this treasury of movie greats that I got.

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