Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm reading up about near death experiences (NDEs) after reading about the subject in a bookstore (it's a children's book explaining the reality of life after death from a Christian POV) and believe it or not there's a strange comfort in reaffirming the fact that one doesn't have to have a fear of death if you already surrendered your life to Him. This whetted my appetite to read m ore about this topic and I searched the internet for sites that relate the same experiences. There were some scary experiences like those who were given a glimpse of hell like Cathy or like Ralph who was given a second chance after attempting suicide. But there were a lot more comforting scenes like the experience of Rob or Carmie's powerful testimony about God from a non-practicing Catholic or an agnostic like Jerry. What you could glean from their experiences is that first of all, you really can't take anything with you and you'd instantly wouldn't care about it either. There's a sense of organizing your life in accordance to proper priority for these people after going through that experience. I'm not sure though if they all had the same experience with the Creator or even had a glimpse of heaven (but it does and did happen one time) or if they were deceived with false messages by another being. I'm not doubting their experiences at all, but you'd be able to pick up some clues who they encountered out there from the varied messages they got contradicting His revealed truth.

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