Sunday, October 17, 2004

I'm so happy I finally got the children's book that made me laugh hard while browsing through its pages some months ago, Elijah: Prophet Sharing. It's actually one of six books from the Heaven and Mirth Series that author Mike Thaler created to teach kids lessons from the Bible while entertaining them and making them laugh at the same time. The book has five stories revolving around one common theme. In this case it's about understanding God's faithfulness to His people. This is a copy of the first page of the first story in the book:

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The 68 year old author who has been called "America's Riddle King" and "The Court Jester of Children's Literature" came up with the idea because he thinks that humorous retellings of Bible stories made it all the more vivid and alive for kids. This is the same route that I want to follow for a new series of strips that I hope will generate an interest in reading the Bible. He's also an animated storyteller who has no problem getting school teachers to provide sound effects and school principals to act and a City Mayor to join in on the fun. He also gives out funny interviews, leads a campaign for kids to enjoy reading books, and encourages them to have a dream (I was even surprised to know that he was the creator of the "Letterman" character for the popular "Electric Company" series on PBS. If you're one of those who grew up during the 1970s then you'd be familiar with the football player uniform clad superhero who would take off a letter from his chest and throw it to an attacking word to change its meaning and save the day). Hopefully I could also get my hands on the other books that he wrote.

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