Thursday, October 07, 2004

It's been such a long time since I last went out to take pictures. So instead of going the mall and devour books standing up, I went back to my old haunt and checked out the new Ayala Museum too. These are what I came back with:

Old acacia tree near the museum

View from the bottom with the passageway windows peeking from the corner.

New restaurant and museum shop which is a good quiet hang out.

Water plants illuminated from below

Sort of a 80s "new wave" concept photo

Scuptured lights or at least that's what I wanted it come out

Ye old "bamboo leaves lighted from beneath" shot

On the way back I stopped by a fastfood resto to eat some dinner and read the book I brought. The mall was almost closed by that time though it didn't stop a Filipiniana fashion show from going on. Crowds of people watched it mesmerized from the second floor balcony and ground floor. I watched the show for a few minutes before heading on home. Lastly, take a gander on who I met before I even got to step out of the mall?

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