Sunday, October 24, 2004

Our second day at the Immaculate Conception Academy was way better than yesterday possibly because the students are now more at ease with our presence in school. I got there a lot later than yesterday too. I was past 10:30 am and I was almost finished dressing when Az sent me a text message that Lico and Elbert were on the verge of a panic because they were the only ones there and that he would be a little late since he was feeling a bit under the weather. However, when I got there Lyndon was already there along with the Ground Zero Comics guys, and El's sweetie, Camy.

I forgot to mention in detail some of the different characters found inside the campus like this one we dubbed Bunny Girl because of the way she would carry her stuffed toy around with her on her head like a fashion statement or something. There were others a lot less daring on personal statements but were in no way less interesting as the others were. We also met two lovely sisters, Gem and Gwen, who stayed for a little chat with us. What we learned was that Gem was at Starbucks last Friday the same time we were making those posters I was talking about in a previous post, and she told us that she thought that we were those posters just for kicks or something (plus the fact that we were indeed boisterous that time doesn't help things any). Gem's a graduate of ICA and she's now studying in my alma mater while Gwen's still in High School and quite an accomplished artist. Here are some of the pictures from today's campus tour:

Bunny Girl

RG talking about basic game design and programming

Remnants of the class during a short break

Rex tutors a latecomer while Elbert dreams of another project

Gwen's a rare young artist who doesn't draw Japanese manga inspired figures

Two sisters showing off the drawing I did of them

Pretty good work

Caricature one

Caricature two

Elementary tutorial for future artists

RG, Kix, Ryan, Lyndon, I didn't get the name, and Ludz

Campus grounds at the conclusion of the fair

Lico holds his own as he also lectures on cartooning

Group shot one

Group shot two

There weren't that much crowd inside the campus today as compared to yesterday. That translated to a slow morning with not much people attending the lectures but it started to pick up in the afternoon when mothers and some high schoolers would approach our table and inquire about the scheduled classes. I was also able to do a lot of caricatures today though regretfully I wasn't able to record some of them on the camera. At the end of the day we packed up and went to Jollibee to celebrate and assess everything that we did. We had a very good time these past few days and we're very much hoping we would be invited again next year to this school as everyone we met in that school has been a lot of fun and made a lasting impression on all of us with their perkiness and adorability.

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