Sunday, October 10, 2004

Spent another night out with my friends from college, Joanne and Karl. We were supposed to be joined by another friend of ours who celebrated his birthday last week but instead of being bummed with the prospect of not getting any treats, we decided to have fun like the last time. We decided to watch a movie but sin ce the flick wouldn't be starting for another hour and a half, my two friends decided to check out some name stores and go window shopping for clothes. In the process of doing so the topic of dressing up real good came up and that's where Joanne started giving me advice on the clothes I should be wearing instead of the usual ones that I pull out of the racks. While we went in and out of different stores and while giving me a lecture on dressing right, the thought of being caught in the middle of a Queer Eye episode crossed my mind except the one giving me advice is a girl. She had a point though and I'll try to keep everything she said in mind.

After the movie we had our dinner at KFC before looking for a place to hangout and talk some more. We didn't that much moolah with us so we passed the other hangouts before settling down at Serg's Cafe. The principal topic centered around our life's goals. What we've accomplished so far and what's next for us? I opened m y dillema with going for the daily newspaper route for the comic strips because I'm scared of what would happen if I ran out of gasoline in the middle of a stint and I didn't want it to be reduced to a strip dishing out some forgettable humor just to tide me over the next week. That got a bit of violent reactions from my friends because in thinking so I'm doing myself and the comic characters a great disservice by not taking a risk. They added some more advice and the conversation made its rounds with my two friends and me adding some encouragement and advice of my own. Much as we didn't want the lively discussions to end we thought it was already getting late and it would be best for us to be getting home. At least we were all happy, encouraged, and lighthearted from all the advice we shared with each other.

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