Friday, October 29, 2004

There's an anecdote about a little boy who everyday would go to a store on his way home from school, press his face against a store window display and stare at a shiny bauble. He terribly wanted to give that bauble to a classmate who is his biggest crush but there's no way he could afford it. One day, while he was looking at it the old store owner came over to the window display and took the shiny gewgaw from its place and began to wrap it. Crushed by his loss, he stood outside and began to cry. But before he could even begin to whimper, the old store owner met him outside and grumpily handed him a small package wrapped in brown paper. Amazed by this sudden outpour of generosity he looked up to the store owner and before he could say anything the store owner told him to beat it. It turned out that he was losing a lot from buying glass cleaners that giving away the bauble was more of a bargain.

Don't we all wish the same to happen to us? Should I have pressed my face on the store windows of different bookstores to avail myself of a freebie? As tempting as that sounds they wouldn't have figured out what I wanted since it wasn't being displayed in the window anyway. And besides books cost a lot more than glass cleaners these days. That's why I took advantage of the mall sale in Megamall and bought Blacksad, The Artist's Mentor: Inspiration from the World's Most Creative Minds, and Nick Bantock's new book, Urgent 2nd Class: Creating Curious Collage, Dubious Documents, And Other Art From Ephemera.

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