Friday, October 01, 2004

We held an Artists' Den meeting earlier tonight to settle some details pertaining to a planned campus tour in my college alma mater. This campus tour is the longest thing we've ever planned ever since it was brought up sometime last year and hopefully things will push through as there has been some impatient reactions all around. We're trying to come up with a definitive list of lecturers, materials needed for the planned exhibit, whatchamacallits for the week long activity, so on and so forth. We also have to come up with a sort of guideline for the artworks and stuff. On a totally unrelated note, one of the members, Lico, announced that he and his family are moving to the United States sometime next year and his really feeing the bite of missing the company of the good folks he's come to love (separation anxiety). I told him he could still come back after getting his citizenship or greencard, whichever comes first, and things will be fun and happy again. I don't think he'll have problems meeting good friends there too. At least we could still communicate and he'll still be updated through the mailing list.

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