Saturday, October 23, 2004

We just ended the first day of the Artists' Den's campus tour at the Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA). We had a moderate turnout for the art lecture but they were attentive and asked the right questions too. There were a few people passing by checking out the indie comics we were selling and most of them were every bit a colorful and unique character. I aways thought that teenagers make for the best candidates for comic or cartoon stories and these personalities are most obvious during those times inside the campus than outside, even those who are too quiet to make an impression. Being an exclusive school for girls a lot of them were perky, peppy, and animated, and seemed glad to see new grown-ups come to their school. Even Lyndon, whose books attracted most of the crowds to our booth, seemed surprised, any shocked, that a group of freshies would come screaming to our tables after recognizing his work. But that's not the reason for his being shocked, it was because they were also fresh enough to ask for his underwear! But it was all in good clean fun and indeed they were funny as they talked and talked non-stop while buying his books and asking for his autograph (you could see them in the 6th and 7th pictures below):

This is the group's booth

Lico's and my artworks posted outside the classroom's door

Syeri giving a lecture on basic female human figure

Wilson giving a lecture about dynamic action poses

Wilson's drawing while we were taking our lunch break

"Lagay mo yung pangalan!"

Lyndon poses with his rabid ICAn fans

Lyndon starts the lecture on comics and cartooning

Looking for good samples of comic strip thumbnails

Lecturing on the basics of comic stripping

Last self-portait shot before we packed up at the end of the day

Hare-raising shot

Earlier I mentioned about the lectures in passing which some of us voluntarily did to promote the art of comics and cartooning. The whole thing was fun although I was particularly hard on myself after evaluating how me and Lyndon did on the discussion. I still have a LOT to learn about public speaking if I'm going to be doing more of this lecture thing in the future. We packed up sometime around 6 pm after seeing there won't be any more people going around to check our booth. There was a concert inside the gym that we could see for free but being so much exhausted the day's activities most of us opted not to.

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