Sunday, November 14, 2004

I bought three new books today. It was all rather unexpected although it wasn't totally unplanned. I was planning to buy a different book in Powerbooks, Megamall if the titles I've prioritized aren't available in Fully Booked, Power Plant Mall. But as local bibliophiles know very well, once you find step inside Fully Booked you'll never set foot inside another bookstore again for a very long time. While I wasn't planning on buying anything or at the most I was on the lookout for the Batman: Hush Vol. 1 TBP (trade paperback) or The Blacksad Files 3. What I saw instead made me drool in anticipation even more like The Art of The Incredibles and a couple of how-to art books. Unfortunately for me the prices of these treasureables are way beyond the reach of my wallet. Thinking I could get them at a later time I continued browsing and came upon a lone copy of Dark Horse's Autobiographix. The copy was all covered up in clear plastic protecting it from further damage but at the same time preventing interested parties from browsing the inside pages. What made me to finally decide to get it was what I read at the back of the book regarding its contents. A collection of autobiographical anecdotes rendered by each artist telling the story in his own inimitable way. Not wanting to make a rash judgment and incur some unwanted debts I continued on to look for other books and went outside to some quiet place to do this week's West Side strip and to be able to think clearly in weighing my options for the books that I saw. After finishing what it is that I've set out to do, I went back to the bookstore, got the lone copy along with that other book I saw, Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts, which was also the only copy in the whole place. I'm always on the lookout for books discussing the relevance of art in evangelism and its standing as a ministry that should be nurtured if only because it's the area that's most overlooked both inside and outside the Church. The third book I was telling you about earlier on was acquired in another bookstore in the mall near our place: Wrestling with God: Loving the God We Don't Understand. Another book that was also sitting alone in a shelf that I couldn't bear to leave behind. I didn't had any qualms on taking any of these not only because of its mint or near mint condition but especially because of the quality of the topics involved.

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