Sunday, November 28, 2004

I wasn't able to attend Sunday service today after being asked to help out in the garage sale today. Dark clouds threatened to shower a heavy rains throughout much of today making most of the folks to sleep in late and not putter around our junk. I was only able to go out around halfway through the afternoon and opted to check out the "Auction Heroes" in Powerplant Mall in Rockwell Center. The auction involves the sale of collectible statues of comic book and movie characters, original comic pages from the likes of Alex Ross, and rare comic books from the 40s and/or 50s (very good to mint condition) through silent bidding and live auction. I went around and checked the pieces that were up for auction many of which were really, really nice and drool worthy but nothing I could fancy. Maybe because I'm now more focused on books, the starting price for these things cost at least 4,000 Php (roughly around $71), and because I don't have any place to display them in. After getting around the display twice I went inside the bookstore and looked around for anything real interesting. I found a good number of titles that I'm marking for purchase in the future and went out again to see how the auction was faring. What I saw very much disappointed me. It wasn't the fact that sometime musician/commercial talent/comedian Gabe Mercado was presiding over the auction but what he was wearing that got to me: he looked like a really bad caricature of a Circus Master (you could see the evidence in the picture below). I have no idea who was put in charge of the whole event but having the auctioneer dressed up like a circus clown doesn't exactly help the image of the comic industry. We're talking about priceless pieces of art and big bucks here and they treat the whole proceedings like it's a big joke?!

Couldn't they have at least took the time to put some dignity into the whole proceedings by suiting him up in suits with muted colors at least? Like how about dressing him up, say, like Batman's loyal butler, Alfred? If they were aiming for (and that's the closest reason I can think of right now) Tim Burton's version of the Joker then I would say they failed miserably.

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